"What Would Jesus Wear?"
A fashion guide for young Christian hipsters!

Being born again doesn't have to mean you dress like a dweeb. Here is some timeless advice from the Fresh Prince of Peace!

1. Jesus sayeth, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Also, I am the Tartan Wool Vest, $655 from Barney's, the Tweed Wool Breeches, $250 from Orvis, and the Maine Hunting Boots, $119 from L.L. Bean.

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2. Jesus sayeth, two different kinds of plaid CAN be cool, if thou art the Son of God. Wool-silk-nylon blazer, $2,035 from Etro.

3. Jesus sayeth, Dig thee mine Ralph Lauren windowpane-check wool blazer, $1,295 from Bergdorf's.

4. Jesus sayeth, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Balenciaga wool sweater, for surely it is a steal at $765 from Barney's.

5. Jesus sayeth, I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. I am especially beyond in this Duckie Brown wool-cotton shirt, $425, and matching jacket, $1,100, from Odin.

6. Jesus sayeth, It's back to school time, in my bitchin' Phineas Cole houndstooth wool jacket, $1,384 from Paul Stuart.

7. Jesus sayeth, I'm keeping these nail-scarred hands toasty-warm in my Dries Van Noten down-filled jacket, $1,280, from Barneys.

8. Jesus sayeth, are you hungry dude? I'm jonesin' for the Last Supper in my tight-to-my bleeding-ribs Wool dinner jacket, $349 from Club Monaco.

9. Jesus Wept! I'm packed for the Rapture with my Yuketea leather and wool bag, $450 from Bergdorf.



Actual fashion photos published in the New York Times, 11/2008.
Photos (c)  
The New York Times, under fair use for parody purposes only, not for profit.


To my Christian friends (if I have any left): if you are offended by this, well, heck, lighten up.